Korean shipping company Project Carrier is bringing in new technology from Norwegian marine-tech company TB Marine.


A  joint venture started:

The two companies will form a new venture which will feature new hull technology and both electric and hydrogen power systems working with TB Marine partner company H2 Ocean, which is developing marine hydrogen solutions including on & off-shore refuelling platforms. 

A full range of both leisure and commercial vessels from 8 meters to 90 meters are designed and ready to get the latest technology available, infused from the Norwegian market leader.

A new company:

TB Marine Technology Korea is the daughter company of TB Marine based in Drøbak Norway.

Many of the brands owned by TB Marine have been in production since the 1960s with thousands of boats built at manufacturing yards in Europe and Asia.  TB Marine continues to develop new products, brands, and technologies.  

Korean partner Hwa Dong Kim has been in the shipping industry for the past 35  years and is keen to meet the rapidly changing industry environment. 

“The demand for new high-technology vessels is growing and we're excited to become involved in the early stage of new vessel development and infuse the technology needed to meet this changing environment.” states Hwa Dong Kim. 

The production plans include ferry systems, yachts and  a complete range of commercial boats, SAR and fishing vessels.


For more information:

Website: www.heavybulk.com  & https://tbmarine.no

Email: [email protected]



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