Port of Southampton completes shore power commissioning of three AIDA cruise ships


AIDAsol joins AIDAcosma and AIDAprima in being shore power-ready

ABP’s Port of Southampton has reached a significant milestone together with AIDA Cruises, as all three of AIDA’s cruise ships to visit Southampton this year have been commissioned for shore power at the port.

AIDAcosma, AIDAprima and now AIDAsol have all undergone successful commissioning. This means that when they return to the port, they are able to ‘plug in’ at Horizon Cruise Terminal or Mayflower Cruise Terminal.

“It’s fantastic to be able to facilitate this sustainability milestone for AIDA Cruises,” says Rebekah Keeler, Head of Cruise at ABP. “To commission three of its ships in such close succession shows real commitment from AIDA Cruises whilst also demonstrating the efficiency of the shore power process at Southampton. We are looking forward to welcoming back AIDAprima and AIDAsol throughout the summer.”  
AIDAcosma was the first of the three ships to be commissioned, shortly after she arrived on her Maiden Voyage at the end of February. AIDAcosma is also the second ship for AIDA Cruises that can be powered by low-emission LNG (liquified natural gas), which can be bunkered at the Port of Southampton’s Ocean Cruise Terminal.

AIDAprima and AIDAsol will run a number of Northern Europe itineraries from the Port of Southampton this summer.

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