Transforming a PSV into a geotechnical survey vessel


At the end of 2023, Ulstein Verft finished the conversion of the Fugro Resilience on time. Originally a platform supply vessel (PSV) of the ULSTEIN PX121 design, it has now been repurposed as a vessel for geotechnical operations. 

Ulstein's Design & Solutions engineering team has delivered strength calculations and updated plans for the conversion job at Ulstein Verft. 

The primary conversion work has been implementing a moonpool and removable mezzanine deck and building the foundation for a geotechnical drill tower and an A-frame to prepare Fugro Resilience for new assignments in the offshore wind sector. The conversion included modifying the internal vessel systems to meet Fugro's needs.

"Completed the conversion project on time and within the agreed budget", Lawrence Cozens, project director, Fugro

Lawrence Cozens is a project director at Fugro and says: 

"Ulstein and Fugro worked collaboratively from concept design through to the delivery of the Fugro Resilience. As the original vessel designer, Ulstein was well-suited for this project. During the design phase, multiple deck layouts were considered before settling on the best layout for each sister vessel. Ulstein then successfully completed the conversion project on time and within the agreed budget. During all conversion stages, both teams have delivered quality solutions".

"We can work efficiently and secure quality"

The aftermarket sales manager at Ulstein Verft, Martin Sundgot Hansen, says that this project matches Ulstein well: 

"We have all the necessary resources at hand, so we can work efficiently and secure quality in our work. The cooperation with Fugro has been excellent, and we are pleased that they chose Ulstein for this project". 

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