Vedam Redefines Maritime Sustainability with Innovative Zero Emission Electric Passenger Ferry


Vedam, a leading design innovator in the maritime industry, proudly unveils its latest milestone – the Concept Design of an 18m Zero Emission Electric Catamaran Ferry. This cutting-edge vessel is a testament to Vedam's commitment to sustainable solutions and green energy initiatives.

Key Features:

Green Energy Excellence: Vedam's Electric Catamaran Ferry is designed to operate with zero emissions, contributing to a cleaner and greener maritime environment.

Passenger Comfort: With a capacity to accommodate 50 passengers, including air-conditioned seating for 30, Vedam prioritizes passenger comfort and a superior travel experience.

Inland Riverine Operations: The vessel's economic speed of 8 Knots and an incredibly low draft of 0.8m make it an ideal choice for efficient Inland Riverine Operations.

Solar Integration: Vedam's commitment to sustainability extends to the option of installing SOLAR Panels on the rooftop, addressing the vessel's Hotel Load requirements with clean, renewable energy.

Versatile Design: Beyond passenger ferry services, this innovative design transforms seamlessly into a deck cargo carrying vessel capable of transporting up to 5T of dry and packaged cargoes. It is also suitable for survey works, garbage collection, and salvage operations.

Vedam envisions this groundbreaking design as a step towards revolutionizing maritime transportation, aligning with global efforts to reduce carbon footprints. The company remains dedicated to pushing the boundaries of innovation in the maritime sector.

About Vedam:

Vedam’s team of 200+ technocrats brings a modern approach to Design and Digital challenges and for last 16 years, has successfully provided innovative solutions for 1000+ projects.

Design Services: Ship Design | Production Design | Conversion & Retrofit Design | Decarbonisation Studies | Site Supervision | Engineering Analysis (FEM, CFD, Mooring, Hydrodynamics) | LNG-FSRU Projects | Dredgers | Marine Consulting | 3DScanning | IHM |

Digital Solutions:

  • Digital Inspection – Inspection app for efficient onsite and remote inspection
  • PhotoRealistic Digital Twin – VR based access to your Ship and her documents/data
  • OptiHeat – Boiler Optimisation tool
  • CarBoard – Carbon Dashboard


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