Revolutionary CJC technology set to disrupt traditional oil purification


At an IMarEST UAE branch technical meeting, CC JENSEN unveiled their groundbreaking technology in oil filtration. Leveraging on decades as the trusted engineering partner for lube oil & hydraulic oil maintenance, they have invested years of research & successful field testing to create revolutionary technology to replace the Lube & Diesel Oil Purifiers, reducing environmental impact and ensuring equipment reliability.

NIKEEL IDNANI (Honorary Secretary of IMarEST UAE Branch), highlighted the significance of preventive oil maintenance in his informative introduction. He emphasized that 80% of machinery failures related to oil are due to contamination, making maintenance a critical factor for ensuring optimum equipment reliability and preventing system breakdown. Drawing from his shipboard experience, he shared the challenges of maintaining equipment in a purifier room and expressed a keen interest in operator-friendly alternate technologies that offer continuous provision of clean and dry oil, promoting reliable equipment operation and sustainable vessel earnings.

In an informative group presentation, KIM KJÆR (Global Segment Manager, Marine – Offshore, C.C JENSEN) and REZA AZIMI-VISHTEH (BDM, Marine segment, C.C JENSEN) explained that Lubrication oil must be maintained clean, dry and in a proper chemical condition to protect the engine. During operation this oil gets contaminated by: particles, water, acid and oxidation, reducing lifetime, reliability and efficiency. With the appropriate maintenance strategy, it is possible to keep engines reliable, extend TBO and save costs. After extensive research and trials with major shipowners and engine makers, audited by independent consultants specializing in energy saving, a new groundbreaking and sustainable filtration system technology, has been launched by CC JENSEN which has proven to reduce OPEX through energy and oil savings, reduce carbon footprint and comply with engine lube standards on 2- and 4-stroke engines. Svendborg headquartered C.C. JENSEN leverages on technologies proven over many years when developing new systems. They tested the new CJC® Engine Lube Oil Treatment Solution - to analyse what the effects would be on Additives, Wear and fuel elements, Water and TBN, Viscosity and insoluble. An Offline CJC Oil Filter was run in parallel with conventional centrifugal seperators, but with only the CJC® solution operating. There were robust results in terms of cleanliness & performance during the 5000 hours trial of a 58,000 kW M/E with the engine maker’s approval. Typical drivers for retrofitting this innovative technology include 60% less oil consumption, 99% reduction in lube oil sludge, over 90% reduction in CO2 emissions and 97% energy savings. The installation of the CJC® Engine Lube Oil Treatment Solution uses existing piping and merely needs electrical wiring which makes it simple to install.

Preparing for a future of sustainability, during the information-rich, focused evening of presentations and panel discussions, Reza said, “Although CC JENSEN’s technology is new, compared with normal purifiers, we have already over 2000 installed CJC lube oil & Diesel fuel filters globally. Therefore, we have no doubt about its functionality or sufficiency. CJC filter does the same job as normal purifies, if not better.”

Nikeel highlighted that the IMarEST is a non-profit organization recognized for its environmental, social, and governance practices. He emphasized their commitment to providing an impartial platform for disseminating world-leading technical research by companies, such as CC JENSEN, at the forefront of marine technology. IMarEST is committed to facilitating knowledge sharing with all patrons, without discrimination based on gender, designation, place of work, or employer, enhancing the credibility built since 1889. The IMarEST UAE branch upholds the status, standards, and expertise of marine professionals, making a difference locally by opening doors to anyone interested in enhancing their marine knowledge, driving the competence of the maritime fraternity.

After 70 years as the marine industry's go-to partner for Lube oil & Hydraulic oil maintenance, CC JENSEN has invested years of research and field tests to create something truly special. CJC's technology generated a lot of interest among marine engineers present in the audience due to its impressive ROI and simplification of maintenance. In a Q&A session, the 126 participants had the opportunity to interact with four panelists: SOHAIL NAZIR (Fleet Manager at ONEX), Dr. IBRAHIM BEHAIRY (Managing Director Middle East at WinGD), MOHAMMAD S SABIR (Director of Ship Management Technical at Hapag Lloyd Shipmanagement) and KIM KJÆR. The intellectually stimulating conversations around economic advantages and carbon footprints were thoroughly engaging, absorbing and enjoyable. C.C. JENSEN treated guests to an indulgent experience of exquisite cocktails and delectable international cuisine at the lavish Sofitel hotel, located on Dubai's iconic Palm Jumeirah.

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