Scana delivers shore-power fuelled by clean hydrogen


Bergen: Scana-owned PSW Power & Automation demonstrated a hydrogen-based shore power solution.

“This is a milestone. We have shown that our container-based power solutions can be fuelled by hydrogen, and together with our partners we have demonstrated that the value chain for such solutions is in place,” says Styrk Bekkenes, CEO of Scana.

“This is a milestone for the company,” states Styrk Bekkenes, CEO of Scana.

The groundbreaking solution has been designed by PSW Power & Automation, and was demonstrated to the maritime industry at the pilot facilities on CCB’s shipyard in Ågotnes Monday 19. September. A consortium, comprising PSW Power & Automation, Westgass Hydrogen, CCB and H2Production, has been established to provide high-capacity hydrogen-based shore power solution to the maritime sector.

“Scana is the market leader within electrification. When we now expand our product portfolio with hydrogen fuel cell systems, our position as a leading supplier of clean energy solutions is strengthened,” Bekkenes continues.

The maritime sector is under pressure to decarbonize its operations. Supply boats, cruise ships, drilling rigs and fish farms have a high requirement for electricity. Currently, they rely heavily on diesel generators.

“The solution is designed with flexibility, reliability and safety in mind. It caters for the high capacity needs of major actors in the sector, for example supply boats, cruise ships, drilling rigs and fish farms. It works by using clean hydrogen to drive fuel cell generators, which in turn generate high-capacity electricity. This supply of electricity can then be integrated into existing grid connected facilities, or work on a standalone basis for a complete off-grid offering. The system generates no pollutants, with its only other outputs being steam and heat,” says Eirik Sørensen, General Manager at PSW Power & Automation.

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