Exclusive Interview :: Mr. Rohith Agarwal from Guideship Consulting Services sharing good insight on Asia's Ship Recycling Industry.


Our Correspondence have got Mr. Rohith Agarwal from Guideship Consulting Services in one-to-one interview, sharing good insight on Asia’s Ship Recycling Industry.

About Guideship Consulting Services & Rohith Agarwal

What started as a dream to robustly augment the technical enhancement of the Ship Breaking Industry by leveraging Rohith Agarwal's refined managerial and problem-solving abilities evolved into a foresight of manoeuvring the same in the direction of sustainability.

So has been the voyage of Guideship Consulting Services, whose roots are etched in the experience and exposure of the seasoned industry expert, Mr. Rohith Agarwal. With almost a decade-long experience in helping businesses expand their trajectories by donning hats of consultancy, business development, and strategic planning, Mr. Agarwal has streamlined his endeavours to delineate his position as an industry expert today. Yet, that is not where the arc of his zeal to make a difference ends. It is accompanied by a robust tangent of wanting to devise solutions that refine the odds of a better future for the coming generations by amplifying the scope of Ship Recycling in India and its neighbouring geographies.

His brainchild, Guideship Consulting Services, has trodden the testing waters of a worldwide pandemic and transformation of leadership but has stayed afloat as Mr. Agarwal has anchored it to meet the rigours of a highly turbulent market.

By erecting a conglomerate as well-structured as Guideship Consulting Services, Mr. Rohith Agarwal spearheaded the direction of assisting ship recycling management teams in resolving complex problems and reaching strategic objectives on a global front. In the same vein, with the forethought of taking it to new heights, he commenced the strategy of bringing together a team of like-minded personnel who indeed were industry specialists. Through the end-to-end deployment of this idea that aided in strengthening the company's backbone, Mr. Agarwal built a chain of initiatives and practices dedicated to adding value to the organisation and extending the same to all its stakeholders.

His foremost vision for the brand was crystal clear – through this firm, he wanted to bolster the process of shaping strategies that were cohesive with the dynamic expectations of their clients while leaving no stone unturned in terms of delivering optimal outcomes. His latent goal, too, has continually been a simple one - deliver a sustainable and responsible recycling service in accordance with ship recycling rules.

Owing to his tireless commitment and endless manhours that he put into producing top-quality outputs without fail, he was able to lead his venture to the pinnacle of quality-related success in the domestic terrain. This can be seen in the fact that it was awarded an ISO 9001 accreditation. This internationally recognised standard assures that Guideship Consulting Services has imbibed a comprehensively well-functioning quality management system under the leadership of Mr. Agarwal. The same has helped the firm yield outstanding results for domestic and international clients.

Today, his name is synonymous with innovation and cutting-edge transformation in the ship recycling sector, but a lifelong learner like him won't stop after gaining interactional accolades. After adding countless feathers of success to his existing portfolio, he now wishes to take his vision of building a better, more eco-friendly world forward in full throttle by leveraging a mammoth cluster of ground-breaking plans lined up for revolutionising the industry even further.


How do you see the ship recycling industry in South Asia responding to the stricter guidelines and legislation of EU-SRR?

Every ship eventually needs recycling and this should be done in as environmentally-friendly and safe way as possible on a global scale. This cannot be helped by excluding yards that are making efforts to meet international standards. The EU Commission along with their Independent Verifiers needs to come together and resolve any differences and conflicts in their interpretations of the international and regional regulations. The European list has split the ship recycling market into the so-called safe market and South Asian Beaches.

 How do you see the industry responding to stricter recycling guidelines and legislation?

Ship recycling in Alang is shedding its old-fashioned image and becoming a truly green industry. Improved ship recycling practices have become the norm, not the exception.

 When do you think that the ratification of HKC can enter into force?

China or Bangladesh (whichever first) is the only country that holds the trigger for early fulfillment of the HKC’s requirements.

 Do you feel that owners are looking to be more responsible highlighting the demand for HKC complaint yards?

Although the number of ship owners aiming for environmentally friendly ship recycling is increasing, there are still many of them who are less interested in this issue.

 Doubling ship recycling capacity in India by 2024: Are we ready?

India’s ship recycling sector appreciates the announcements made in the Union Budget and Gujarat State Budget to double the capacity of 4.5 million light displacement tonnage by 2024 and help create some 1.5 lakh jobs for youth. The budget is good on intent. However, the key is an efficient execution in a time-bound manner. There are many positives to simplify things and encourage entrepreneurs but again, the key will be executed in a time-bound manner. Intent needs to be converted into implementation.

 Improving safety in ship recycling practices

Each and every one of us is committed to doing what we can so that every worker can return home at the end of the day in the same condition he left. The workers deserve nothing less. 


From Editorial Team: Maritime Economy Publications


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