COSCO SHIPPING Launches Regular Sea-Rail Block Train Service between Qinzhou and Luzhou


With the sound of a long whistle, the first Qinzhou-Luzhou regular sea-rail block train launched by COSCO SHIPPING slowly departed from the train station. The cargoes were transported from the Port of Abu Dhabi to the Beibu Gulf Port, and then transferred to the Qinzhou East Railway Yard Station in mid-August by a block train running through the New Western Land-sea Trade Corridor before its expected arrival in Luzhou in four days.

The Qinzhou-Luzhou regular sea-rail block train is an extended service provided by the Port of Qinzhou, after the launch of block train services between Qinzhou and Chengdu, Guiyang, Lanzhou, and other land-sea intermodal transportation hub cities, as a part of the New Western Land-Sea Trade Corridor construction efforts. It can save approximately 25 days for the entire transportation period compared with the traditional intermodal transport mode.

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