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In an exclusive interview, our correspondence spoke to Ms. Nafeesa MoloobhoyManaging Director of  A. S. Moloobhoy Pvt. Ltd.


“Nafeesa Moloobhoy,” a name that has seemingly become synonymous with “Powerful Women in Shipping” over the past 20 years, had “humbly pledged” herself in service to the Maritime Industry, first in India and now in the GCC.

Always a studious teenager, Nafeesa was arranged to be married at the age of 19. Before she could complete her graduation, she was married at 21 and became a mother at 22. Never had she dreamed that she would eventually be among the few women in a “man’s world”.

A passionate leader and a compassionate boss, Nafeesa believes that ambition can only take an entrepreneur so far. She continues to encourage thousands and this compels her to lead by example.

Today, she is an inspiration to so many young women. To them she says: “Hard Work never killed no-body and you will not be the first, so always give every opportunity your best shot, and you will see success driven by this industry and not despite it!”


About Moloobhoy Group of Companies (Max 250 words write-up)

A. S. Moloobhoy Pvt. Ltd, now commonly reffered to as “Moloobhoy Group of Companies” was born in 1905, during the First World War, when India was a colony of the British.

Today, being “over a 100 years and still growing,” a 117 years later, Moloobhoys has diversified into unchartered territories, while continuing to bring the best in the world to the Indian Maritime Fraternity.

Expanding from our traditional Electronics (Navigation and Communication) demographic, while simultaneously retaining the core of our business in Life-Saving and Fire-Fighting-Appliances, Moloobhoys has pivoted and is now also working with smaller sized boats through a JV with a UAE company called, Moloobhoy Marine Equipment.

Exploring new horizons with Augmented Reality, and with the launch of NAM Emergency Food and Water Rations as liferaft and lifeboat spares, the one constant in the Moloobhoy realm of consciousness is: our people, our ethics and the belief that change is for the better.

With offices in Dubai, Fujairah, Oman and most recently in Qatar, Moloobhoys is keen to part-take in the Aatma Nirbhai Bharat movement, and send our engineer work-force, global.

Investing in people is the best type of investment, where the ROI is unparallel. In a pandemic-post world of chaos and unemployment, Moloobhoys has expanded by 15% to create jobs and provide opportunities of growth to the next generation.


Tell us about your accomplishing journey since joining Moloobhoy Group of Companies?

Response: It’s been great journey and privilege to be working with such an honoured company for over 2 decades now, I have been Managing Director of the company for the past 20 years.

As a company, we have substantially grown and still considered as the fastest growing company and can proudly claim to be  a 100% debt free.

I remember, when I started working at Moloobhoys, we had one office in Mazagaon, Darukhana, and the company was 99 years old, today, we have 9 privately owned branches across India at every major port, our marketing head-office at Marathon Future-X in Lower Parel and an entire building at MIDC Navi Mumbai, devoted to Service and PCB repair.

We have moved business of Moloobhoys from being a purely LSA-FFA focused Company toward Electronics. Today, we are among the best in the world for Marine Electronics and support, our engineers travel around the world to service and repair NAVCOM equipment

We have also expanded into PCB repair, and we have worked hard to serve our Indian Armed forces by repairing missiles and other confidential equipment, as part of our mantra of being “Humbly” at the service of the Maritime Industry and the Country.

We have introduced ECDIS Generic and Type Specific Training at Moloobhoys, and we have trained over 10,000 students globally.

We have opened offices in Dubai, Fujairah, Muscat-Oman and in the process of opening the latest addition to Moloobhoys, in Doha-Qatar.

We have initiated two new Joint Ventures – one is MME in India for smaller boats and EMME in the UAE for the sale and distribution of NAVCOM equipment to pleasure and smaller boats in the UAE.


Your opinion about challenges faced by Women in Maritime Industry (If any)?

Response: The Maritime Industry is known to be “a Man’s World”, and this is true, but it can also an advantage to be a Woman, as there are such few Women leaders in this industry, hence, Industry remembers them well. In my experience, the industry has always been fair to both Men and Women.

As a Woman, you will always have to “walk that extra mile” and as a Woman Leader and entrepreneur regardless of what Industry you are in, you need to learn how to balance your home, your family, your work, your OEMs, your team and most importantly, your customer.

I was not technical person when I had joined Moloobhoys, I have learned everything while being on the job. That was a challenge because when I had to quote for tenders, I needed to work extra hard to learn about the OEM products and then submit the tender bid. This is just an example of how I have overcome all the hurdles that came my way.


Question: What do you enjoy most about working for the Maritime Industry?

Response: The opportunity to create and provide jobs!

It is our vision to grow the company so that we can recruit engineers from the most remote parts of India and give them a stable and sustainable working environment and that is what the love the most about the company and industry. We always looking for ways to “give back” to the society, eventually contributing our bit to the industry as well.

I also like to be associated and speaking at various forums and events to inspire people and encourage the youth to join the Maritime Industry as a career choice, because I firmly believe in the potential that our industry has to offer.

Further, I love meeting the Customers, enjoy working with the Indian Navy and Indian Coast Guard. I admire their patriotism and dedication to the Country and by serving them, we also believe that we are serving our Great Nation “India”.


Question: What according to you is the future inclination of the Indian Shipbuilding & Repairs Segment / Industry?

Response: Launching of the Inland Waterways Project is the future – making our rivers navigable and useable for fishing, travel, trade and commerce. This is the future and this will change the overall operations and logistics of India.

By doing so, we will become more pollution resistant, energy efficient and we will reduce our overall carbon footprint, substantially. Moloobhoys is very passionate about sustainability and we hope to be able to do our share in contributing to this “Heal the World” movement.

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