COSCO Shipping places orders for 12 methanol-powered ultra large ships


COSCO Shipping Holdings has ordered 12 methanol duel-fuelled container ships with each having a capacity of 24,000 TEUs. The vessels will be methanol dual-fuel powered, to support its transition to green shipping, which is long term vision of the company.

The new container vessels will cost a total of US$2.87 billion, with each one priced at US$239.85 million. OOCL and COSCO SHIPPING’s subsidiaries and Nantong COSCO SHIPPING Chuan Saki and Dalian COSCO Shipping Kawasaki signed the shipbuilding agreement for the vessels.

COSCO Shipping Lines, a shipping unit of COSCO, will receive five vessels, built by Dalian Cosco KHI Ship Engineering (DACKS), a joint venture of COSCO and Kawasaki Heavy Industries, in exchange for US$1.199 billion. These vessels are likely to join COSCO’s fleet between early 2027 and mid-2028.


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