Aventra Group launched AG CARBONDEX - Fleet Emissions Performance Management Suite


Aventra Group has launched AG CARBONDEX, a fleet emissions performance management suite. This new artificial intelligence-powered application precisely predicts Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) scores for every vessel in the billion-dollar maritime shipping industry, an application made especially for shipping companies to measure risks, increase ratings and make better-informed commercial decisions. Basically to measure the effects of the regulations.

Starting in 2023, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) will require ship owners to report CII on an annual basis, a report systematically graded from A to E. To trade internationally, vessels will need to bear a certificate of compliance. Additionally, ship owners and ship management companies are required to file multi-year plans to improve emission on each of their ship.

Vessels with better CII scores are expected to demand higher market rates, while those with lower scores will be forced to charge less. Therefore, with limited time in their hands, operators are now set on a time limit to adapt before the new regulation takes effect on Jan 1, 2023.

Using AG Carbondex, shipping companies can achieve the following:

– Real-time benchmarking and monitoring of an individual vessel or the entire fleet
– Accurately forecast vessel CII rating to improve regulatory compliance
– Smarter fuel management with detailed visualization
– ISO 27001 – best-known standard for information security management systems

“The Maritime Industry is at the crossroads for compliant fuel and emission regulations, so it would be prudent for Ship owners, operators, and managers to rethink their cost while helping them achieve the mandatory compliance. The application will also help them obtain that extra value for every dollar spent,” says Venkat – Product Manager.

To support the industry’s transition to decarbonization, AG CARBONDEX enables users to access real-time monitoring activities of their fleet’s CII-related performance and simulate vessel CII ratings. The software allows an operator to reduce emission and improve revenue with an interconnected Carbon Intensity Indicator analysis, which would result in a more distinct bird’s eye view of their fleet’s operations.

“We have developed a rock-solid solution to meet the needs of ship owners and Commercial & Technical teams. When set up our minds to build AG CARBONDEX, we knew we wanted to create an edge for technical teams to improve the performance of their fleets by transforming Noon reports into insightful analytics for an optimized operation. We have a great vision for Technical Management Analytics. AG CARBONDEX is just the beginning of the Digital Transformation of Technical Management” says Juan J. Gil – CEO Aventra Digital, Singapore. 

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