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The NODOSA shipyard has formalized the construction of a new freezer trawler for ORION FISHING COMPANY LTD, a mixed company owned by ARMADORA PEREIRA SA from Vigo and ARGOS GROUP LTD from Malvina. Since more than 30 years.

The historic Shipowner from Vigo thus continues the process of renewal and modernization of its fishing fleet; started a few years ago with the construction by this same shipyard, of the ship "ARGOS CIES" (Award for the most outstanding shipbuilding in 2018 by the College of Naval and Ocean Engineers)

In this new unit, construction no. 306 of the shipyard, the design has been projected and carried out entirely by the technical office of Nodosa in direct collaboration with the Armadora Pereira team.

With a length of 85 meters, this vessel will be the largest unit commissioned by the shipowner to a shipyard to date, and will be used mainly for fishing and processing Patagonian squid in the Malvinas Islands fishing ground.

As fundamental design axes of the project, the improvement of the safety and quality of life of the crew on board, respect for the environment and energy efficiency have been prioritized in this new unit. The ship also incorporates various elements on board with the aim of mitigating the incidental mortality of birds and other marine species. 

The ship's refrigeration plant will use ammonia as the main refrigerant, thus eliminating the use of fluorinated gases, and, as a consequence, reducing the environmental impact and damage to the ozone layer. 

The ship's hull, with an innovative design in its shapes, has been projected to optimize behavior at sea in adverse weather conditions and reduce fuel consumption. 

Faithful to its innovative spirit, the ship's processing plant will be equipped with means for freezing and processing different final product formats. 

NODOSA, already a benchmark shipyard in the construction of vessels for the South Atlantic fishing ground, plans to deliver this new unit at the end of 2024 so that it can carry out its first fishing campaign at the beginning of the following year. 

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