Bahri Chemicals and Bahri Logistics Services sign two memorandums of understanding to enhance cooperation with Saudi Aramco Base Oil Company (Luberef)


Bahri, a leading global company in the field of logistics and transportation services, announced that its Bahri Chemicals and Bahri Logistics Services sectors have signed two memorandums of understanding with Saudi Aramco Base Oils Company (Luberef), with the aim of strengthening cooperation between it and Luprev.

Under the new partnership, Bahri Chemicals and Luberef will work to formulate a mutually beneficial shipping framework agreement, which will reflect positively on the national economy. The terms of the memorandum also stipulate that Bahri Chemicals will provide distinguished logistical solutions and services to Luberef, which will, for its part, provide details of the available shipments that correspond to the sailing dates of the tankers at the loading ports.

Faisal Al-Husseini, acting head of the Bahri Chemicals Sector, and Eng. Tariq Al-Naim, President and CEO of Saudi Aramco Base Oils Company - Luprev, signed the memorandum of understanding, during a special ceremony recently held on this occasion at Bahri's headquarters in Dubai. On the other hand, Engineer Sorour Basloum, Head of the Bahri Logistics Sector, and Engineer Tariq Al-Naeem signed the memorandum of understanding between the two parties.

On this occasion, Acting Head of Bahri Chemicals Sector / Faisal Al-Husseini said: “We are pleased to cooperate with Luberef due to its leading position in its field in the region. The step of uniting efforts to develop a mutually beneficial shipping framework agreement aims to enhance the spirit of cooperation between the two parties as well as contribute effectively In the Saudi economy, we look forward to working closely together to provide world-class logistics services that will achieve more efficiency and smoother operations for our distinguished partners.”

On the other hand, the head of the Bahri Logistics Sector, Eng. Suroor Basloum , said: “The MoU aims to search and find the best efficient and sustainable logistics solutions for Luberef in the fields of land transportation within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia from Luberef factories to local customers for essential oil products, and tank containers.” ISO-compliant, flexible logistic solutions package for Luberef's local and international customers, storage centers on a global level, in addition to storage tanks within the local market.

Eng. Baslum added: “Signing the Memorandum of Understanding with Luberef is an important step in our efforts to expand our local customer base with the aim of expanding our services to include different sectors at the level of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as this comes in line with the efforts aimed at diversifying the national economy. This partnership will contribute In consolidating our advanced position in providing pioneering, effective and innovative logistics solutions that will add value to our customers. From this standpoint, we are fully confident that our services provided will contribute to achieving a positive impact in terms of the growth of Luberef's business, products and customers."

For his part, Engineer Tariq Al-Naeem said: “We are pleased to cooperate with the Bahri Chemicals and Bahri Logistics Sectors, as this step falls within the framework of the company’s continuous commitment to achieving excellence. We look forward to a fruitful and long-term partnership with the two companies, as the services they provide are in line with our focus.” To enhance efficiency and sustainability in all of our operations.

Saudi Aramco Base Oils Company (Luberef) is the leading producer of unrefined base oils in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and one of the largest producers of base oils in the world. The company's most important end markets include Saudi Arabia and India, in addition to a number of countries in the Middle East and North Africa. Lubrief also sells its products throughout Asia, the Americas and Europe.

It is worth noting that Bahri Chemical Company currently operates 59 chemical tankers, of which it owns 36, including 31 medium-range IMO2 tankers, and five product tankers; 14 tankers with a lease contract, including one long-range IMO2 tanker, 9 medium-range tankers, and 4 Japanese oil tankers with a tonnage of 19,000 metric tons, in addition to managing the operations of 9 tankers belonging to “SABIC”. Through this fleet, Bahri Chemicals provides marine transportation services to a wide portfolio of international customers in the fields of chemicals, clean petroleum products and vegetable oils.

The Bahri Logistics division, which comes first among the six sectors within Bahri, is among the ten largest heavy cargo transport companies in the world (Breakbulk). It also owns and operates a sophisticated fleet of six advanced multi-purpose tankers, and operates according to a regular schedule. Benefiting With more than 40 years of experience in the field of maritime logistics services, in addition to the field of sea, air and land transportation, the Bahri Logistics Sector provides integrated logistics solutions, in addition to supply chain management solutions, including door-to-door shipping, express freight, services Distinguished logistics , warehouse management and warehousing.

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