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Upgrade project of “the MOL FSRU Challenger” (Hereafter, the MFC), the world's largest FSRU owned by the MOL group, was completed at Keppel Shipyard in Singapore.

We will explain this MFC upgrade project in two parts, and this is the part I.

First of all, please check out the video of this upgrade project.


Arrival at the dock. Started installing additional regasification equipment.

MOL FSRU Challenger2

The main purpose of upgrade project is to enhance regasification equipment onboard. The capacity was originally nominal 540 million cubic feet per day, with a maximum capacity of 720 million cubic feet per day, and this was increased to nominal 600 million cubic feet per day with a maximum capacity of 800 million cubic feet per day.

This modification not only contributes to regasification capacity, but also increases equipment redundancy, enabling more stable operation and energy supply.

LNG in cargo tanks of the MFC is regasified and delivered to customers according to the flow chart below.

LNG regasification flow

LNG regasification flow
Step 1
Firstly, LNG (liquefied natural gas) in the cargo tank is delivered to a buffer tank called the Suction Drum located in the front side of the vessel, by using a cargo pump in the tank.

Step 2
The LNG in the Suction Drum is then transferred to the High Pressure Pump (HP Pump) for regasification, which pressurizes the LNG to the required pressure on the gas demand side.

Step 3
The high-pressured LNG is sent to Vaporizer, which converts the LNG into gas by the method of heat exchange with seawater.

Step 4
The vaporized gas is measured for flow rate and analyzed for gas component in a Metering System. Lastly Trim heater heats the gas to a specified temperature, and then delivered to the customer through a high-pressure manifold (HP Manifold).

The modification includes installing (1) HP Vaporizer, (2) HP Pump, and (3) HP Manifold into the system, which enables increasing the regasification capacity and allows vessel to send out the gas from both sides of vessel.

HP Vaporizer installation HP Vaporizer installation HP Vaporizer installation

HP Vaporizer Installation

HP Pump installation HP Pump installation

HP Pump installation

Added HP Manifold

Added HP Manifold

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