LNG Tank Containers Manufactured by COSCO SHIPPING First Put into Use for LNG Import from Canada


Recently, LNG tank containers manufactured by COSCO SHIPPING were first put into use by Lianyungang Traffic Control Logistics Group for LNG import from Canada. The containers are manufactured by Lianyungang COSCO SHIPPING Special Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd., a joint venture established by COSCO SHIPPING (Qingdao) Co., Ltd. and Lianyungang Traffic Control Logistics Group. COSCO SHIPPING Freight will provide total supply chain services including shipping, land transportation and customs clearance. Loaded with empty tank containers at Qingdao Port, a vessel departed for the Port of Vancouver in Canada for container filling, and then directly delivered the imported LNG to domestic end-users via ocean shipping.

Featuring integrated energy storage and transportation, LNG tank containers will play an effective role in supplementing the energy reserve for peak shaving, and provide flexible solutions to LNG storage and transportation for end-users, reducing the overall operating costs.

Compared with the traditional transportation mode, LNG tank containers – a trendy product in the natural gas sector – have made up for the weakness that constrains the development of natural gas application such as insufficient pipeline coverage and limited interconnection and interoperability of pipeline networks on account of its versatile performance in storage, transportation (water, land and intermodal transport) and short production cycle, helping promote the construction of a natural gas production, supply, storage and marketing system.

Considering the difficulties in transportation, COSCO SHIPPING Freight made detailed schemes from many aspects such as shipping space support and ground operation, and customized a thorough and feasible shipping plan for the customer. By working together with all relevant parties, the company managed to provide total supply chain services covering ocean shipping, land transportation and customs clearance. With the advantage of intermodal transportation, it successfully realized end-to-end transportation of LNG with tank containers.

For instance, in the process of space booking, as there was not much time left before the departure of the ship, the company arranged a dedicated representative especially for the confirmation of freight rate application, shipping space booking and space release, and then applied to the Customer Service Division of COSCO SHIPPING Lines Qingdao for shipping space release without appointment, and completed the procedure in the first time.

As for the transportation of empty containers, the company suggested that it pick up containers at the factory and deliver them directly to the container terminal, without the need of transshipment at the container freight station (CFS). The recommendation was adopted by the customer.

For the purpose of pandemic control, the company required the field drivers in advance to take prevention measures, while frequently reminding the truck fleet to work in strict accordance with the delivery timeline and pandemic prevention requirements. It also overcame a variety of difficulties in order to meet the unexpected demand for vehicle wash, which ensured the timely arrival of the trucks for cargo loading.

Later that night, the LNG tank containers were transported from Lianyungang to Qingdao, and then loaded on board. And, the attentive and considerate services provided by COSCO SHIPPING won acclaim of the customer.

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