China's first clean energy trailing suction dredger


On December 26, 2022, the 15,000-cubic-meter LNG clean energy powered trailing suction dredger developed and designed by China Shipbuilding Group No. 708 officially started construction and successfully entered the formal production stage.

The 15,000 cubic meter cabin capacity LNG clean energy power trailing suction dredger adopts double propellers, double diversion pipes, two-engine one-to-two compound drive, double rakes, dual fuel (light diesel oil and LNG), full deck, forecastle, Bulbous bow, double skeg steel welded streamlined hull.

Design Highlight

1). It fills the gap in the use of clean energy for dredging ships in China. The ship is the first large-scale trailing suction dredger independently developed by China to adopt the LNG clean energy power system. The ship implements the national strategic goals of "carbon peak" and "carbon neutrality" and the current construction needs of green port waterways. Compared with traditional fuel dredgers, it is more energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and its operating economy is better.

2). The overall performance is advanced. Compared with similar ship types at home and abroad, the ship's overall performance parameters such as load coefficient, tank capacity coefficient, and sailing specific power, which represent comprehensive energy efficiency and operating economic indicators, have reached domestically leading and world-class levels.

3). High operating economy and safety. The layout of the ship's LNG storage tank and corresponding gas supply system is reasonable, safe and reliable, and the double-eared LNG storage tank is installed at the stern. High endurance, fewer gas supply pipelines, lower cost, better economy, fewer dangerous areas, and far away from the work area and living area, the operation safety is higher.

4). Reflect the design concept of green energy saving, environmental protection, humanization and sustainable development. As the first new-generation environment-friendly trailing suction dredger, the ship uses LNG clean energy as the main power source. It meets the emission requirements of IMO Tier III in gas mode and IMO Tier II in fuel mode. Discharge, oil pollutant discharge, garbage discharge, ozone substance discharge, incineration discharge, harmful anti-fouling system and other aspects can meet the relevant control requirements proposed by the latest version of CCS "Green Ecological Ship Rules"; The vibration and noise control requirements of trailing suction dredgers; the vibration and noise of the cabin of the ship can meet the specifications of "VIB1" and "NOI1"; Water-lubricated bearings solve the problem of stern shaft lubricating oil leakage and achieve zero emissions.

5). Informatization and intelligence are the development trend of modern dredging engineering ships, and they are also one of the important factors to measure the advancement of dredging ships. In addition to being equipped with conventional trailing suction dredger information systems such as automatic tracking system, dredging control system, and ship-wide power management (PMS) system, the ship will also be equipped with the most advanced and intelligent "one-key dredging" in China. And the "dredging and driving in one" system will realize the "unmanned dredging" function under typical working conditions in China for the first time. And the intelligent monitoring and control system of the gas treatment system, it is planned to realize integrated design, installation and control, in order to effectively improve the management level of the whole ship, improve the construction efficiency, and ensure the safety of navigation operations.

Since the design team of No. 708 Institute took over the task, with the strong support of all parties, and the cooperation with the project team of the shipowner and the shipyard project team, combined with the valuable experience accumulated by the No. 8 Institute in the design of trailing suction dredgers , carefully planned, boldly innovated, and rigorously demonstrated to ensure the design progress of the ship, strictly control the design quality, actively cooperate with production and construction, and strive to create a new generation of green energy and intelligent dredging tools with excellent performance.

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