The 24,000-ton crude oil tanker 'Changjizhou' was successfully delivered


On January 6, the 24,000-ton crude oil tanker No. 1 "Changjizhou" designed by the 708th Institute of China State Shipbuilding Corporation and built by Wuchang Shipbuilding was successfully delivered.

The ship is the most advanced green, safe, efficient and intelligent 24,000-ton crude oil carrier for domestic trade in China, and it is also the crude oil carrier with the largest deadweight tonnage built in Central China.

There are many highlights.

"Changjizhou" was customized and developed by 708 Institute according to the needs of shipowners. It has a total length of about 152.8 meters, a molded width of 27 meters, a molded depth of 13.7 meters, a full load of about 25,000 DWT, and a flash point of no more than 60. ° crude oil, classified by CCS classification society.

This green, energy-saving and environment-friendly ship combines economy and safety, and is suitable for domestic high-sea navigation.

Through linear hydrodynamic optimization, combined with the stern diversion energy-saving device and high-efficiency propeller design independently designed by 708 Institute, excellent fuel economy is achieved, and EEDI is 24% lower than the domestic baseline; it:

  1. Meets the requirements of green ecological ships Gd-ECO ( CD24, NOI1), Gd-EP (OIL1, IBTS, INC, RSC1, GPR, VCS) and other ship symbols, as well as i-ship (E) intelligent ship requirements;
  2. Meet the preset requirements of the LNG fuel system, and can be converted to LNG later Fuel power;
  3. Adopts cargo oil pump frequency conversion control technology, equipped with leading configurations such as visualized intelligent operation and maintenance system, combined IGG inert gas system;
  4. adopts groove-shaped bulkhead design, which is convenient for tank cleaning when needed; deck frame is turned down, which is convenient for crew to operate .

Good quality

The ship is the largest tonnage ship ever built by Wuchang Shipbuilding in Wuhan. The company cooperated with the 708th Institute and other participating units to overcome various impacts such as the epidemic and weather, and gave full play to the leading role of the fighting fortress and the vanguard and exemplary role of party members, ensuring that all nodes were completed on time.

During the construction of this product, the construction team actively carried out key projects such as the non-elastic beam swing pier, the construction of the stern island shaft and rudder system, and the processing of cargo holds of different thicknesses. Section positioning, docking and overall assembly work, the first time the whole ship's pipeline special coating (spraying special protective paint) process was adopted, the liquid level adjustment method was used for ballasting during the inclination test for the first time, and all sea test items passed the inspection at one time , and the test data is better than the specifications and contract requirements.

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