Asyad Shipping has signed an agreement with Hyundai Samho Heavy Industries to build two very large LNG Carriers.


Asyad Maritime Transport Strengthens Its Fleet With Two Modern LNG Carriers To Meet Local And International Demand.

  1. Asyad Shipping has signed an agreement with Hyundai Samho Heavy Industries to build two very large LNG Carriers.
  2. The new addition aims to meet the needs of Asyad Group's local and international customers and to respond to the growing demand for LNG transportation
  3. Asyad Group continues to achieve its plans to expand and increase its logistics assets and maritime capabilities
  4. The two carriers are designed according to the highest standards of sustainability and efficiency, and to enhance local added value in the Sultanate
  5. ASYAD provides the logistics sector with 70 different carriers, confirming the high efficiency of its services

ASYAD Shipping, a subsidiary of ASYAD Group, has signed an agreement with world-leading Hyundai Samho Heavy Industries to build two modern LNG carriers dedicated to meeting the growing demand of the group’s customers for energy logistics services, and anticipating the expected global growth in demand for gas transportation, bringing the total number of ships in ASYAD’s fleet to 70. A carrier of various uses.

The two modern fifth-generation tankers will be built in the Samho Shipyard in South Korea, one of the best shipyards in the world, to be delivered in 2026. Through this addition, ASYAD Shipping aims to enhance its diversified fleet and support it with the latest gas tankers, and seeks to increase capabilities Maritime has to cover the expected growth in demand for natural gas, specifically to meet the export and transportation needs of its domestic and international customers.


Dr. Ibrahim bin Bakhit Al-Naziri, CEO of ASYAD Shipping, stressed the importance of this strategic addition to ASYAD’s assets, saying: “The enhancement of our tanker fleet with the latest international models constitutes a new step on the path to achieving the expansion plans of the ASYAD Group, and enhancing its competitiveness by providing reliable solutions to our customers.” In view of the expected trends in the energy market today, which indicate a higher demand for liquefied natural gas compared to traditional fossil fuels, we have chosen to expand our logistical capabilities in this sector and to bring in advanced LNG carriers with a capacity of 174,000 cubic meters. By the Omani Ship Management Company, a subsidiary of the group, which was recently crowned among the best international ship management companies.

Al-Naziri explained: “We have chosen these fifth-generation carriers in line with the highest international standards of environmental and commercial sustainability, as they are characterized by a high level of fuel efficiency and a low carbon footprint compared to other carriers. In addition, ASYAD seeks to transport marine transportation through these assets.” The new project aims to increase the local added value in the liquefied natural gas sector, through integration with Omani production and export companies and providing them with comprehensive logistical solutions that cover all stages of the value chain and support the national economy in general.

These advanced tankers will join ASYAD's huge fleet, which includes various types of carriers and ships, including VLCCs for oil and gas, bulk materials and container transport vessels, which will increase the presence of the ASSYAD Group as a provider of integrated logistics services in global and regional energy markets, and consolidate the Sultanate of Oman's position as a logistics hub. global energy vitality.


Note: Display image is for illustration purpose only. Image Source - Hyundai Samho Heavy Industries Website


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