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Integral Planning for Inland Container Shipping in Rotterdam Officially Live

Rotterdam – The integrated planning for the handling of inland container shipping in the port of Rotterdam has been officially introduced. After an intensive pilot phase, inland shipping parties, terminals and the Port of Rotterdam Authority have given Nextlogic the green light. The aim is for inland vessels to be handled more quickly in the port and for terminals to be able to make optimum use of their quays. With even more participants on the way, Nextlogic expects that these benefits will become increasingly apparent for everyone.

For the integrated planning, barge operators pass on the visit, rotation and cargo information for each inland vessel to Nextlogic in advance. Terminals do the same for the available quay capacity. Nextlogic compares this information with each other and creates the best possible schedule for each party. The planning is automatically optimized 24/7. For all parties, this is a completely new way of working that requires everyone to get used to it.

Approximately 60 percent of the total inland shipping volume of the port of Rotterdam is currently already planned integrally via Nextlogic. Four deep-sea terminals and fifteen barge operators are participating. A fifth deep-sea terminal, the first empty depots and other barge operators are also preparing to join.

“I am pleased that we, as barge operators, terminals and Nextlogic, have succeeded in bringing integrated planning to a regular service. It is an important milestone in this port-wide innovation process. The ultimate goal is that we, together with our participants, realize a more transparent, more efficient port, from which everyone benefits.” 

Sijbrand Pot, interim director of Nextlogic

“Nextlogic's integrated planning for inland container shipping is a perfect example of innovative digital chain collaboration. Through this cooperation we can create a better balance between sea side and hinterland and set up a more balanced logistics system. It makes the port of Rotterdam smarter, more sustainable and therefore more attractive to customers.”

Allard Castelein, CEO Port of Rotterdam Authority

“Nextlogic is an important connecting element in the port & inland container shipping community; together we are working on improving the handling. After more than 40 years of bilateral agreements with terminals and depots, this is the start of a completely new way of working for operators and skippers.”   

Maira van Helvoirt, Royal Netherlands Inland Shipping (KBN)

“For VITO, integrated planning is the way to optimum productivity for everyone in the port of Rotterdam. The more parties that join in the near future, the better that can be done justice to.”

Thijs van den Heuvel, board member of the Association of Dutch Inland Terminal Operators

Rob Bagchus, chairman of the VRTO, the Association of Rotterdam Terminal Operators on behalf of the participating terminals: “Approximately 40 percent of the hinterland transport of the Rotterdam container terminals is via inland shipping. The integral planning of this helps both inland shipping and the terminals to make optimal use of the available capacity for efficient handling of that inland shipping.”

“The introduction of Nextlogic is an exciting new development for our members. The first depot is currently preparing to connect. From what we hear and see in the market, we also expect to benefit from integrated planning”.

Vince Tunzi, chairman of HCRA, the umbrella body for depots and container repairers

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