Samsung Heavy Industries, accelerating its transition to a 'Smart shipyard'


Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI) is accelerating its transition to a 'Smart shipyard' using Digital Transformation (DT) technology. 

SHI said on  2 that it will develop and apply a data-based 'Company-wide Integrated Monitoring System (SYARD)' that can check and control all information generated in the entire shipbuilding process (EPC;Engineering, Procurement, Construction).

SYARD is a business management system with a Business Intelligence platform that can make structured · unstructured data Big data using IoT and AI, and provide it in real time via visualizing connected and analyzed information.  

SYARD helps make optimal decision based on data, so that resources including manpower, materials and energy can be managed efficiently. It also reduces lead time and identifies risk factors in advance to eliminate them.  

 SHI has been promoting smartization in all areas including production, design, and work since 2019 to transform the labor-intensive shipbuilding industry into a technology-intensive industry which is platform-based and highly efficient by applying DT technology to rapidly changing business environments such as the 4th Industrial Revolution and manpower shortage.

SHI has developed and used â–³metaverse-based remote quality inspection platform â–³ChatBot â–³a system with 3D modeling and digital twin technology. 

SHI plans to achieve '10% improvement in total cost' within 23 years and expand smart technologies to classification society, partners, and customers by 2025 to build a 'smart ecosystem' throughout the supply chain.  

"Establishing SYARD helps lay the foundation for transforming into a platform business using big data in the shipbuilding industry. We will continue to make efforts to complete smart shipyards using our differentiated DT technology" said Lee Joong-nam, leader of Smart shipyard at SHI.


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