Exclusive Interview: Mr. Satyaue Paul - CEO of Nebiar Technologies and solutions Pvt. Ltd.


In an exclusive interview, our correspondence spoke to Mr. Satyaue PaulCo-founder & CEO of Nebiar Technologies and solutions Pvt. Ltd. about “Transpost” which is an operating system for Customs Brokers and Forwarders enabling them to scale up their business with least effort and investment.

Mr. Satyaue Paul is an experienced shipping & logistics professional with 2 decades of experience in driving Logistics solutions , Transformation & Innovation. In his past role he has been part of  the A.P Moller Group as Head of Customer Experience for Safmarine ( South Asia). As the Co-founder & CEO of Transpost, Satyaue drives the ambition of digital logistic solution for customers.

Nebiar Technologies and solutions Pvt. Ltd., is founded by Mr. Satyaue Paul and Ms. Neelam Choudhary, both were ex- colleagues at Maersk.


What, according to you, are the market gaps Transpost is addressing through its services?

The idea of transpost was born to address the key pain points of customs brokers and SME forwarders as a part of our digital journey. Small Forwarders & Custom Brokers are unable to scale up their business’s due to lack of adequate resources, broken/manual processes, lack of revolving credit, & very high cost of technology. SME forwarders and Customs brokers also struggle to get the right attention from the shipping lines as they are highly fragmented.

Transpost addresses these key issues through their products which includes technology driven rate procurement & booking management service, Cargo Insurance and trade & Freight finance for its members.

Being a technology platform, we have no boundaries or limitations, currently our services can be availed by our members at PAN India level.

With tech as the differentiator, what are the disruptions you intend to create in the marketplace?

There are a lot of tech players in the platform space which addresses pain areas of shippers/ large enterprises however very few or none for customs brokers & small forwarders. Transpost being the neutral body have created the interest amongst the relevant target audience in their products and services.

Transpost platform essentially functions as a managed service and not a pure self-service technology option as small 3PLs tend to lack the ability to fully utilize logistics enablement systems.

Our core differentiating factor is the perfect blend of technology & human touch. Our On-boarding team works closely with our member offices to onboard them on our platform and ensure our customers are able to take advantage of each & every features on out platform. Some of these onboardings goes on for weeks to ensure smooth adoption. Our ability to work with focused target audience, bring the technology to the door step of our customer and handhold in the change management process makes us unique from other technology platforms.

What is your addressable market? Growth potential?

Logistics market has gone through a sea change in the past 24 months in adoption of digital technologies and applications. India is export market of 8 Mio TEUS which carry exports worth 200 Bio dollars. This industry sits at the bottom in digital innovation which opens up a big canvas of opportunities for Start-ups in this sector. Shipping Lines have recently made new inroads in offering digital options to their customers which paves way for cargo aggregators to also benefit from this. The market today is basically working on analogous process applications without end to end visibility. SME segment is undeserved by service providers such as shipping lines, banks and insurance companies therefore opens up opportunities for disruption of the existing scenario.

In addition to this, there is also lack of transparency on cost of logistics and information on the shipment of cargo. India’s market is poised for sustained growth with the government focused on export led economy, make in India initiative.

You also talk about trade finance for your customers' clients? What are the products proposed by Transpost?

Trade finance is a shipper based product where we act as a sales channel for established trade finance companies. These are new age fintech companies which offer a variety of products such as  non recourse loan to exporters selling to buyers in North America, Europe, the Middle East, and the Asia Pacific. Based on the eligibility criteria exporters can avail credit facility to not just fulfil more buyer orders but also pay for inventory, raw materials, employees or other short-term needs.

With freight rates skyrocketing and no relief in sight, do you think freight financing is going to be your revenue driver for the next couple of years?

The idea of freight finance emerged from the need expressed by freight forwarders as their growth was being curtailed due to lack of funding. We are in still in the POC stage and working on risk analysis for providing such credit facility.

Why do you feel cargo insurance can be your key differentiator? Are insurance tie-ups in place?

Our core product is booking management however all our ancillary products are independent of each other.

Cargo insurance is not a key differentiator but an add on service to provide ease of doing business. It adds to the bouquet of services we want to offer to our clients when they come on our platform.

Are you charging a fee from CHAs/SME forwarders for registration? Is there an annual fee for renewal?

Our members may not want to invest in high-cost technology but are extremely open to renting the technology on usage level. The role of our logistic platform is to create visibility & transparency for our members and simplify their logistic needs. There is no cost involved for our members for using the platform, however there is a booking management fee for the cargo booked through our platform (only for materialised bookings)

Is Transpost limited to India? What are the expansion plans?

Being a technology platform, we have no boundaries or limitations, currently our services can be availed by our members at PAN India level. We had a good start in 2021 and our expansion plan is to grow customer base exponentially in India and internationally.

Our current focus involves FCL ocean exports which is currently offered to our international customers as well, however our ambition is to extend our footprints to LCL/ imports / Air in the medium to long term both in domestic & International market.

We will continue to explore technology-based products to be offered by transpost. This will be implemented based on market trends and needs of our customers in the next phase of our journey. 

Visit www.transpost.co to know more about the “Transpost” platform.

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