CCS Provides Precision Services for the Launching of 8800DWT Duplex Stainless Steel Chemical Tanker 'JIAN HANG YUE DA'


Recently, the 8800DWT duplex stainless steel chemical tanker “JIAN HANG YUE DA” was successfully launched. It was surveyed by China Classification Society (CCS) and constructed by Taizhou Wuzhou Shipbuilding Industry Co., Ltd.

The tanker has a total length of 119.9m, a width of 19.0m, a depth of 10.0m and a structural draft of 7.7m. It is an unrestricted area liquid cargo tanker driven by single machine, single propeller and medium speed diesel engine. For refined products and chemicals (IMO 2) with flash point less than 60℃, the heating temperature of goods shall not exceed 80℃ during transportation, which with the requirements of CCS’s Rules and the IBC Code for Type 2 chemical tankers. The tanker is equipped with 6 pairs of liquid cargo tanks and 1 pair of dirty liquid tank, built of S32205 duplex stainless steel to meet the requirements of transporting various chemical liquid cargo and ensuring the quality of the goods. Each liquid cargo tank is equipped with a separate hydraulic driven immersion cargo pum

In the early stages of its construction, with special attention to the particularity of duplex stainless-steel materials, the Taizhou Office of CCS Zhejiang Branch made detailed introductions and full explanations to relevant departments and on-site construction personnel of the shipyard from such aspects as mobilization verification and storage, welding material control, welding quality control, in-process protection, optimization of construction processes, etc., and obtained unanimous praise from the relevant parties of the shipyard and the on-site construction party , laying a solid foundation for on-time construction with guaranteed quality and quantity in the later stage, and also ensuring the timely launch of ships.


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