HiMSEN Methanol Engine Supply Contract with Japanese shipyard


The HD Hyundai Heavy Industries - Engine & Machinery announced that it recently signed a contract for total 16 sets (4 vessels) HiMSEN Methanol Dual fuel engine(8H32DF-LM) and SCR as package supply with Tsuneishi shipbuilding in Japan.

The vessels will be built at the Tsuneishi Zhoushan Shipyard in China under the Tsuneishi shipbuilding, and the engine will be delivered to the shipyard sequentially from January, 2025.

In the 1st half of this year, The HD Hyundai Heavy Industries - Engine & Machinery signed a supply contract for total 75 sets (15 Container vessels) Next-generation eco-friendly H32C engine with the Imabari shipbuilding as No. 1 shipbuilding company in Japan, and, in this time, it is expected to expand its position in the Japanese market which has been monopolized by competitors with a long history, by supplying first HiMSEN methanol Dual fuel engine to Japanese market.

Meanwhile, HD Hyundai Heavy Industries - Engine & Machinery is focusing its business on the development of future fuel engines to proactively respond to eco-friendly trends based on its high technology, and expects to increase orders further for HiMSEN dual fuel engines as the demand for eco-friendly ships increases.

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