Yusen Cruises has decided to name the new cruise ship “Asuka III” to be completed in 2025.


Yusen Cruises Co., Ltd. has announced that the name of the new cruise ship scheduled to enter service in 2025 will be "Asuka III" and the ship's registered port (home port) will be "Yokohama." This was announced in collaboration with Yokohama City. At 52,000 gross tons, Asuka III is the largest Japanese-flagged passenger ship, and together with Asuka II, which is currently operated by the company (launched in 2006/registered port: Yokohama/50,444 gross tons), it has a gross tonnage of over 100,000 gross tons. With a passenger capacity of approximately 1,600, it is the largest oceangoing cruise ship operating company in Japan.

"Asuka III" will provide the hospitality and high-quality service that Asuka Cruises has cultivated over the years as a Japanese ship, conveying the wonders of Japanese culture through cruises, and connecting people to people, people to regions, and regions to regions. We will continue to make efforts to connect.

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