Amarco selects Strategic Marine as preferred builder for new fast crew boat


Strategic Marine, a leading aluminium shipbuilding company, proudly announces the signing of a landmark shipbuilding contract with Bruneian Amarco Sdn Bhd (AMARCO). This collaboration marks a key milestone for both companies with the latest 4th Generation Fast Crew Boat (FCB) entering the Bruneian market for long term operations.

This comprehensive shipbuilding contract encompasses the enabling of the vessel to be future ready for a gyro stabilizer, coupled with the option for the installation of a motion compensated gangway as future capabilities.

In line with sustainable practices, the vessel is also future proofed for a plug and play hybrid system which will enable the vessel to undertake certain operating profiles entirely on battery power alone.

The 42-metre vessel is equipped with a triple Baudouin 12M26.3s coupled with ZF3050s and is slated to deliver vessel speeds at more than 27.5 knots.

Additional features include an external FIFI system and an Oil Dispersant System, enhancing the vessel’s capabilities for firefighting and oil clean-up operations.

Manoeuvrability of the vessel is enhanced with a single bow thruster and auto trimming interceptors, both of which, provides the ship captain with intuitive control over the entire ship.

The Generation 4 FCB is also outfitted with cruise like interior, featuring larger windows, reclining chairs with tray tables and USB charging for all her passengers.

“We are delighted and honoured to be selected for this prestigious project with Amarco Sdn Bhd which will serve the demanding Bruneian offshore oil and gas sector. We thank them for their trust in us and look forward to the deployment of the vessel later in 2024.” – Mr Chan Eng Yew, Chief Executive Officer of Strategic Marine.

“We are excited to be working with Strategic Marine on this project and confident that the new vessel will contribute to our fleet operations. We look forward to her completion and her deployment in Brunei’s waters” – Mr Ariffin Masrah, Chairman of Amarco Sdn Bhd.

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