CCS Pure Electric New Energy Passenger Ship 'Navigation Star' Made Its Maiden Voyage


In the 2nd week of October, the Classification Assignment Ceremony for the first pure electric new energy passenger ship of Heilongjiang Province and Launch Conference of the New Energy Ship Industry Alliance were held at Harbin North Shipbuilding Industry Co., Ltd. Leaders of China Classification Society (CCS), Heilongjiang Shipping Group Co., Ltd., Harbin Electric Corporation, Harbin Engineering University, etc. jointly pressed the “launch button” of the New Energy Ship Industry Alliance, opening a new chapter of “green ship intelligent navigation” in Heilongjiang province.

The “Navigation Star” ship is China’s first cold area pure battery-powered green intelligent inland ship, and is also the first ship in Heilongjiang Province to undergo classification survey of CCS. It was developed and constructed by Harbin North Shipbuilding Industry Co., Ltd. in collaboration with Harbin Engineering University, Wut Ship Co.,Ltd., and Harbin Electric Corporation. CCS Wuhan Rules & Research Institute and CCS Harbin Branch respectively carried out ship drawing review and construction survey, and awarded  CCS Class notations for  “electric propulsion system” and “domestic inland green ship-3”.

CCS will cooperate with relevant parties of the Alliance to actively promote the demonstration and promotion of new energy ships in the Heilongjiang region, provide high-quality technical services and solutions for the water transportation and supporting industries in Heilongjiang, promote the acceleration of structural adjustment, optimization, green transformation, and technological upgrading of the shipbuilding industry in its jurisdiction, and facilitate green and high-quality development of shipbuilding and shipping industries in Heilongjiang Province.

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