Finnoy to powers next generation training vessel for KIMFT in South Korea


The recent contract agreement with the Korea Institute of Maritime and Fisheries Technology (KIMFT) to deliver a state-of-the-art propulsion system is a major milestone, emphasizing our commitment to providing maritime solutions to the global market.

The project, initiated by KIMFT, centers around the construction of a 3000TON training vessel/trawler designed to serve as a training platform for future officers and seamen. This vessel represents a crucial step in shaping the next generation of maritime professionals. Finnøy Gear & Propeller will provide a comprehensive propulsion system for the training vessel, consisting of a hybrid gearbox type G80LFP and 3.6m CPP with 5th generation remote control system.

This hybrid gearbox showcases remarkable versatility through its array of functions, including Power Take Off (PTO), Power Take Home (PTH), and Power Take In (PTI) BOOST. By ingeniously integrating a shaft generator and an electric motor, it ensures both efficiency and reliability. This design grants the vessel the capability to seamlessly switch between the main diesel engine and the generator/electric motor as "Power Take Home" power, working in concert with the batteries. During trawling operations, the Generator/Electric motor can provide an extra BOOST to the main engine. Combined with the 3.6 controllable pitch propeller (CPP), the system is complemented by the latest remote control technology, further enhancing the vessel's maneuverability and operational ease.

The vessel's construction will be undertaken by JAHI in Korea, a shipbuilding firm. This partnership is further facilitated by YusinHR, a valued customer of ours, who will collect a comprehensive package including the main engine, Finnøy propulsion system, PMS, IAS, battery, and generator and automation system, and deliver it to the yard. This collaboration brings together cutting-edge technology and masterful craftsmanship.

This recently signed contract in South Korea is yet another significant achievement for Team Finnøy, following a recent successful delivery of a complete propulsion package for a research/seismic exploration vessel for KIGAM. The latter is presently under construction at Hanjin Shipyard in Busan and is scheduled for commissioning next year.

Sales Manager, Arne Nogva, is grateful for the opportunity to contribute to the advancement of the maritime industry in Korea and beyond. With a steadfast dedication to innovation, performance, and reliability, the company eagerly anticipates delivering exceptional results in this latest venture.

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