Mitsubishi Shipbuilding holds naming and launching ceremony for roll-on / roll-off cargo ship 'Fugaku Maru' for Fuji Trans Corporation in Shimonoseki


Mitsubishi Shipbuilding Co., Ltd., a member of the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Group, announced on the 31st that Fujitrans Corporation will The naming and launching ceremony for a roll-on roll-off cargo ship (RORO ship), which was ordered and is currently under construction, was held at Mitsubishi Heavy Industries' Shimonoseki Shipbuilding Eura Plant in Shimonoseki City, Yamaguchi Prefecture. The ship, named ``Fugaku Maru,'' will be delivered to the company in April 2024 after outfitting work and trial runs.The ship will then be delivered to the company in April 2024. The vessel is scheduled to enter service as a replacement for the Gakumaru.

The vessel, which has a total length of approximately 165m, a width of 27.6m, and a gross tonnage of approximately 13,000 tons, can simultaneously load 50 trailer chassis and 1,511 passenger cars. A vertical stem has been adopted for her bow to reduce propulsion resistance, and in conjunction with the adoption of a high-efficiency propeller and low-friction paint, fuel efficiency has been significantly improved. In addition, by connecting the shore power receiving device installed in the engine room to the power distribution device scheduled to be installed at the port, the onboard generator can be stopped, making it possible to achieve zero emissions during docking in the future.

Furthermore, by increasing the width of the vessel compared to current vessels and devising the structure of the trailer compartment to eliminate pillars, we have created extra trailer turning space and improved loading efficiency.

Mitsubishi Shipbuilding has developed ferries and RORO ships that have excellent fuel efficiency and environmental performance and contribute to stable operations in response to the growing need for a maritime modal shift due to CO2 reduction in land transport, a shortage of long-distance drivers, and work style reforms . Through construction, we will solve a variety of issues together with our business partners.

â– Comparison of new ships and current ships

  New “Fugakumaru” Current “Fugakumaru”
Ship type roll-on roll-off cargo ship roll-on roll-off cargo ship
full length Approximately 165.0 m 165.0 m
full width 27.6 m 26.4 m
gross tonnage Approximately 13,000 tons 11,573 tons
Number of vehicles
(passenger cars only)
1,754 units 1,440 units
sailing speed 21.0 knots 20.7 knots


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