HD HHI-EMD, The engagement of the MOU for 3D printing joint R&D operation with UNIST


HD HHI-EMD signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with UNIST on Oct. 5 to operate a joint 3D printing laboratory at the Ulsan Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST) Industry-Academic Convergence Campus.

Ahn Sung-chan, Director of HD Hyundai Heavy Industries, and Kim Nam-hoon, Director of the UNIST 3D Printing Convergence Technology Center, attended the signing ceremony, and discussed ways to operate a joint R&D room inside the UNIST 3D Printing Convergence Technology Center. Through this agreement, the HD HHI-EMD and UNIST will cooperate in areas such as joint research and development of 3D printing of ship parts and shipbuilding and marine equipment, localization development of equipment and materials, and commercialization support.

Ahn Sung-chan, Head of the Engine Research Institute, said, "HD Hyundai Heavy Industries expects to strengthen cooperation with UNIST to expand and apply 3D printing technology not only to large engines but also to various products such as powerful engines and eco-friendly equipment."

In the future, the HD HHI-EMD and UNIST plan to strengthen cooperation in various fields such as joint use of R&D facility equipment, human resources and academic exchanges, and joint R&D tasks.

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