Two newbuilds for MHO-Co ran over by barge in China


On November 2. two newbuild CTVs for offshore shipping company MHO-Co were hit by a barge as they were moored outside the shipyard in Guangzhou. The incident resulted in no personel injuries, and the damages to the new CTVs are now being investigated, but appears to be limited.

"This incident will unfortunately delay the delivery of our two new vessel. Though based on the first investigations we are optimistic and believe that this will be a matter of an extra month or so in relation to delivery. We have of course informed the client that are taking the two new vessels on charter, and we will keep everyone informed, as soon as we know more" says CEO Mik Henriksen, MHO-Co.

The legal process is well taken care of as well and the insurance aspect is not expected to result in any further delays. The barge and its captain were detained by the local harbour police immediately after the incident, which is well documented. 

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