Floating Solar Power Plant in Port Oostende


HelioRec has announced that they have built a new floating solar power plant in Port Oostende, Belgium in cooperation with Greenpipe International.
The 10kWp (130 m2) floating solar project was built as a key part of the DUAL Ports EU-funded initiative and included 10 companies from 7 countries. The system is designed for 44 m/s wind speed and 2 m waves.
HelioRec has already produced 50kWh of clean energy for the workshop where the old boat is being renovated.
It was a challenging time for HelioRec, but finally, they could succeed with great support from Norman Heins Jan Allaert Bram Teetaert Margus Kullerkupp Eric Gröön Stefan Svensson Thomas Soulard Elena Medvedeva Polina Vasilenko Rodrigo Joan Garcia Abal Alexander Gmyzov Marco Alves Alek Morozov Marco Hekkens Wim Stubbe Vitalii Vorkov Top Systems B.V.

The project will help HelioRec to improve technology be closer to commercialization and expand our activities in Europe.

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