ENOVA Grants NOK 171.8 New Millions for exciting Hydrogen Project


Enova has awarded Viasea Shipping NOK 171.8 million to realize two emission-free container ships planned to operate on a route between Norway and Northern Europe. The two container ships will be powered by hydrogen and wind craft. Initially, they will operate on a combination of hydrogen and diesel, equipped with two large rotor sails, a battery pack, and a range of other energy-efficient measures. The total energy requirement will be reduced by more than 30% to minimize the overall fuel consumption.
Hydrogen bunkering is currently planned in Norway, but as hydrogen becomes available at more locations along the planned route, the ships will be able to operate entirely without diesel. Even with the combination of hydrogen and diesel, CO2 emissions will be over 75% lower than with an equivalent diesel-powered ship.
The development of these hydrogen-powered ships builds upon the "Powered by Nature" concept that we have developed in collaboration with Egil Ulvan Rederi. The "Powered by Nature" concept has already gained significant international recognition for its state-of-the-art technological solutions. Enova's support for the development of such projects is crucial for Norway to more rapidly fulfill the country’s climate commitments and transition to a low-emission society.
Viasea Shipping has chosen Norwegian Ship Design as its partner in their new green strategy, where they place a strong emphasis on the environmental and sustainability aspects of maritime transport.

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