Leisure BOATs & YACHT Market in India


Jayendra Kachalia - a Director of ‘Navnit Group’ is also managing Navnit Marine Pvt. Ltd. He entered the family business nearly 35 years back, having been educated in the stream of Finance and Commerce. He is also the Past President of the Federation of Automobile Dealers Association (FADA) - An apex national body of the automobile retail Industry.

Navnit Group, a formidable force in Corporate India, has added a new perspective to ‘Mobility’ having a strong foothold in Automobile and Marine Industries, by dealing with premium global brands and has enhanced movement on Land, Water, and Air. The Group diversified into franchises of Yachts and Speed boats in the year 2002.

Navnit Marine Pvt. Ltd., a part of the Navnit Group, represents Bayliner, Harris flote boats of Brunswick Boat group, USA, and Princess Yachts plc from the UK- a leading British luxury yacht manufacturer with meticulous attention to detail, delivering unforgetful experiences.

Living by our motto of Service First, Navnit Marine has invested in state of the art full fledge 24x7 Marine service workshop ‘Navnit Cove Marina’ in Mora Uran situated 3nm from the Gateway of India, Mumbai -for boats parking and maintenance with a capacity to Dry Dock nearly 30 Boats. The Service department comprises of trained Marine Engineers and Licensed Boat Masters.

Navnit Marine provides a comprehensive, end to end, service package to its customers taking care of every need of theirs in boating, be it repairs and servicing of engines or hull body, launching and hauling, repairs & maintenance of navigation, electronic equipment and marine products, housekeeping, hospitality, Insurance, etc to providing crew members and captains. We have all the expertise with us in- house and provide service with ease and care.

The Group has simultaneously pioneered high service standards and a process driven professional approach which has helped raise the bar in the Indian dealership  space serving countries HNIs and masses. These successes led to the consolidation of core capabilities and the subsequent diversification into new initiatives like Infrastructure, Adventure Sports, Aviation, Financial Services, Insurance Broking  and Re-Insurance.

The Group is driven by a deep commitment to continually improve their value offering to their customers and their stakeholders.

Question 1: How did Navnit Motors’ Group Company get into The Leisure & Boat & Yacht Industry?

JK: The Group, since last 4 decades, is catering to the automobile needs / lifestyle products of the masses, HNIs, UHNIs and who’s and who’s of the country. Understanding their needs to have mobility, leisure and sports on water as well, the Group then, about 2 decades ago, entered into providing Boating Concept herein India as much as owning a Boat making it much easier like owning a car.


Question 2: Tell us about The Leisure Boats & Yacht Market in India?

JK: The Leisure Boats and Yacht market is growing steadily in India. People would want to be gratified with the lifestyle and pleasure of owning and enjoying the Boat and having fun on water. Today, the water sports enthusiasts, gets this pleasure by going to around countries like Dubai, Thailand. With proper infrastructure we will see exemplary growth in this market.


Question 3: With over 2 decades in the industry – how have you seen The Leisure Boats & Yacht sales in India changing trends?

JK: The country has 7,500 kms of virgin coastline, lots of navigable lakes, warm weather and almost 50 per cent below-25 years of age-population. The number of Indians entering the the millionaire income bracket is on the rise. The spending patterns and life style of an average Indian has vastly changed and this has brought in changes for lifestyle demands. Post Pandemic people are looking to spending more for a better lifestyle for themselves and their families. We experience this in growing enquiries and sales of Boats, lifestyle and adventure sports products.


Question 4:  What is current governments vision for The Leisure & Boat & Yacht Industry?

JK: The present Government is for pro development andis very much tryingtodotheir best todevelop inland waterways for commercial purpose. Soon their focus shall be on pleasure Boating and Water sports. Tenders are out and soon we shall be seeing marinas being developed in prime areas of the country like Mumbai, etc.


Question 5: Tell us about Navnit Marine and what according to you is the most important success factor of Navnit Marine?

JK: Navnit Group is primarily synonymous with quality, commitment, reliability, integrity and customer delight. Every activity, be it in automobiles, adventure sports or marine, has steadily focused on creating a better experience in every aspect of life.

Customer satisfaction is an integral part and every interaction of ours with the customer is with emotions which has resulted in customers' repeat purchases or upgrades with higher products. Such repeat purchases constitute to nearly 60%. Google reviews is the most integral part of our ecosystem, and we average around 4.8 star at the group level in customer satisfaction.

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