Hafnia Joins Greater Houston Port Bureau and Contributes to Proposal for Legislation Change Whitepaper


Hafnia has announced its recent membership into the Greater Houston Port Bureau, a prominent maritime organization dedicated to enhancing and promoting the vitality of the Port of Houston and the surrounding port jurisdictions in the United States.

As an active member of the Greater Houston Port Bureau, Hafnia aims to strengthen its ties with the local maritime community, contribute to the region’s economic growth, and collaborate on various initiatives that benefit the entire maritime industry.

This membership goes hand in hand with Hafnia’s integral role in the Lone Star Harbor Committee, where Head of the Houston Office Mette Gandrup is a participating in a USCG COC Subcommittee, (in which she is actively representing Hafnia in ensuring the highest standards of safety and compliance in vessel operations in the Greater Houston area. In her role within the Committee, Mette together with four other committee members have drafted and finalized a White Paper proposing a legislative change to the current USCG COC Inspection scheme. On Friday 3rd November the White Paper was presented, approved, and signed by the Lone Star Harbor Committee board. This is a big milestone for the maritime industry. The next step is to have the White Paper presented to Congress, which is expected in the early spring of 2024 and ultimately to have the proposed legislative change passed and be a part of the Coast Guard Authorization Act of 2024.

 The whitepaper can be downloaded here: https://lonestarhsc.org/2023/11/08/certificate-of-compliance-white-paper-now-available/

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