China Shipbuilding Hudong-Zhonghua named and delivered 13,000TEU dual-fuel powered large Container Ship


On December 7, the first series of 13,000TEU liquefied natural gas (LNG) dual-fuel powered large container ships built by Hudong-Zhonghua Shipbuilding (Group) Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of China State Shipbuilding Corporation, and China Shipbuilding Industry Trading Co., Ltd. were built for the French CMA CGM Group. The ship "CMA CGM BAHIA" was named and delivered at the China Changxing Shipbuilding Base. This is another clean energy container ship completed and delivered by Hudong-Zhonghua after the world's first LNG dual-fuel powered 23,000TEU ultra-large container ship, which continues to consolidate its position as a leading enterprise in the field of large and ultra-large dual-fuel powered container ship construction.

This type of ship was designed by the 708th Research Institute of China State Shipbuilding Corporation. It has a total length of 336 meters, a molded width of 51 meters, and a molded depth of 26.8 meters. It has a designed service speed of 21 knots and a maximum load capacity of 13,200 TEUs; it is powered by LNG dual fuel. The system is equipped with an LNG cargo tank with a 14,000 cubic meter Mark III cargo containment system, equipped with China State Shipbuilding Corporation's own brand CMD-WinGD9X9DF-2.0 main engine, and is equipped with the world's new generation intelligent control exhaust gas recirculation (ICER) system, which can It reduces methane escape in gas mode by 50% and greenhouse gas emissions by more than 28%. This type of ship is specially equipped with a huge wind deflector on the bow, which can save 2% to 4% of fuel consumption during actual operation. An energy-saving diversion device is also installed at the stern of the ship, which can improve propeller propulsion efficiency and reduce energy consumption by about 1.5%. The key is to significantly reduce carbon dioxide emissions. This type of ship has the characteristics of flexible container loading, leading technology, energy saving and environmental protection. It is the latest generation of green, environmentally friendly, efficient and energy-saving container ships in the world. It will also become the largest dual-fuel container ship operating on the South American route. 

During the construction of this type of container ship, Hudong-Zhonghua promoted a series of new digital construction methods, such as VR design, intelligent hanging codes, 3D vision technology to detect steel plate defects, digital test boxes, digital hatch cover assembly, etc., which greatly improved The construction efficiency has been well received by shipowners.

France's CMA CGM regards decarbonization as its core strategy and is also the world's first shipping company to build LNG-powered container ships. So far, Hudong-Zhonghua has built five of the world's first 23,000TEU dual-fuel powered container ships for it, and subsequently signed contracts for five conventionally powered 15,000TEU large container ships, six 13,000TEU dual-fuel powered large container ships, and four optimized 23,000TEU dual-fuel vessels. The power ultra-large container ship construction contract has further deepened and strengthened the cooperation between the two parties. 

The cooperation between CSSC Trading, Hudong-Zhonghua and CMA CGM began in 2017. After years of customer cultivation and maintenance, CMA CGM has become an important strategic customer of China State Shipbuilding Corporation. The 13,000TEU LNG dual-fuel powered series container ship project is the first breakthrough in maximizing the ship type on the South American route. In terms of maintaining customer relationships, CSSC is close to customer needs, has the courage to act and take responsibility, and has been recognized by customers. During the implementation of this project, CSSC Trading took the initiative and worked hard to overcome the impact of the epidemic, assisting shipbuilding companies in solving design optimization, technical modifications and difficulties and challenges encountered in the production process, and always safeguarded the interests of shipbuilding companies and strived for maximum benefits during business negotiations. It has become an important bridge of communication between shipowners and shipbuilding companies, providing a solid guarantee for the smooth delivery of the first ship.

The naming and delivery of "CMA CGM BAHIA" is another successful example of China State Shipbuilding Corporation's implementation of the "China Design, China Construction, China Support" strategy in the field of high-end marine equipment. It is also another masterpiece to strengthen the brand ship model and lead the development of the industry. 

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