LR awards Approval in Principle to Qingdao Beihai & CSDC for its methanol dual fuel aframax


The Approval in Principle comes a result of a joint development project between LR, Qingdao Beihai and CSDC, announced at Marintec China.

Lloyd’s Register (LR) has awarded Approval in Principle (AiP) to CSSC Qingdao Beihai Shipbuilding Heavy Industry and China Ship Design & Research Centre (CSDC) for its 110,000DWT methanol fuelled Aframax oil tanker design, developed as part of a joint project.  

As part of the joint development Qingdao Beihai used their extensive shipbuilding experience, whilst CSDC utilised their expertise in vessel design. During the project, LR has acted as a trusted adviser throughout, offering advice and assurance as part of a thorough approval process.   

Measuring 250m in length, the vessel marks a step forward for methanol ready design and will be equipped with an MAN ES two stroke dual fuel engine with methanol capability. Methanol is a clean-burning liquid that can be produced from renewables. It is an excellent alternative marine fuel due to its potential to significantly cut GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions and at the same time NOx (nitric oxide), SOx (suplhur oxides) and PM (particulte matter) emissions are very low. Furthermore, operational safety and flexibility are among methanols other benefits, the fuel can also be stored at ambient conditions. 

Nikos Michas, LR’s Global Tanker Segment Director commented, “This approval in principle represents another positive step in the maritime energy transition, as we look to low and zero-carbon fuels to help decarbonise our industry.”   

“LR is pleased to continue our strong relationship with Qingdao Beihai and CSDC with this approval, building on the work we have done as part of a joint development project to design and build a VLOC with methanol capability,” he added.  

The AiP was presented to Qingdao Beihai and CSDC at a ceremony at Marintec China 2023.  

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