Successful Sea Trial of 190,000-ton Dual-fuel Bulk Carrier H1548


On December 10, the company's third 190,000-dwt liquefied natural gas (LNG) dual-fuel powered Capesize bulk carrier H1548 built for Singaporean Anglo American Resources (AASPL) successfully completed the fuel and gas "two-in-one" trial mission.

The H1548 ship completed the LNG bunkering work from November 23 to November 26. On December 2, it completed the inspection work of key mooring tests such as generators, boilers, and main engine LNG gas modes. On December 3, it went out for sea trials, achieving this for the first time. This type of ship terminal has set goals of 52 days for LNG refueling and 62 days for "two-in-one" fuel and gas trials.

During the trial, the project team worked with personnel from various departments to scientifically plan and integrate the LNG gas test project with the regular trial project. They adjusted and formulated a daily trial project plan according to the specific situation, successfully completed all trial projects, and returned to the voyage smoothly according to the scheduled plan.

This type of ship is a blockbuster product launched by Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding in the field of new energy ships - a new generation of LNG dual-fuel powered bulk carriers. It has a design total length of 299.80 meters, a molded width of 47.5 meters, a molded depth of 24.70 meters, and a designed draft of 18.25 meters. The design draft speed is 14 knots. The ship is equipped with two C-type LNG fuel tanks with a gas endurance of 20,000 nautical miles. It has the characteristics of advanced technology, energy saving and environmental protection.

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